Sunday, August 16, 2009

Currently lusting: Draped Cardigans

Currently lusting after: a draped cardigan.

Draped cardigans are glorious (even though I have yet to wear one), as they can be belted or not for a "waterfall/rippled" collar effect. An all-American Ralph Lauren design aesthetic tan leather belt would be perfect. Shades of gray, blue, black and brown are ideal as they are neutral, somewhat quiet and yet demure. Lightweight, they are truly a transition piece. So think of it as an investment or a tribute to romanticism as the faux ruffles on the collar deem it so.

A polyvore is included just so we can lust together... Lust, love and live together is my motto (haha not really - at all).

xxo, Natalie

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  1. I LOVE cardigans and draped cardi's are the best! They can be dressed up or dressed down , the sheer weight of them allows you to throw them over anything! I especially love to throw them over skinny jeans or legging pants. Volume on top, minimal on the bottom, does wonders for the figure... makes my short legs look well,errrr, not that short!
    *note to self, buy more draped cardigans!*

    great post!