Monday, August 17, 2009

My entry for the first La Couturier giveaway!

But alas, I didn't win... Still I thought I should post it any way, so here you go!

“Leave your mark wherever you go…” Natalie’s mother’s words kept on replaying in her head as she applied her Carbon Gloss L’Oreal eyeliner across her already smudged smoky eye. As she drew back from her oval mirror, her pearl earrings caught her eye, glinting in the early sunrise. She quickly glanced at the alarm clock by her bedside table. 4.52am. She wasn’t getting in, she was just about to go out. Her internship at Elle in Paris meant working crazy hours and looking insanely good at all times. She tousled her hair whilst thinking what to wear today. She wasn’t actually going to work right now, but she loved to sit in the coquettish cafĂ© around the corner with the Guardian and a pain au chocolat. Nothing like something sweet to start the day, she thought. Natalie began to sweep up her dark hair from her shoulders into a bun whilst inspecting her appearance. A 6-inch pair of Red Christian Louboutin Jefferson peep-toe sandals which added miles to her long Current/Elliot The Legging clad legs. Her Lela Rose Silk-blend taffeta blouse was half tucked into her leggings to give that “dishevelled” look. Her Gucci blazer wore – originally for men – she had the blazer tailored to hug her curves, embracing her femininity. “Today is definitely one to make a mark upon” she mumbled from her deep rouge stained lip with the final bobby pin in between her lips. She finally pinned her chignon, picked her Blackberry Bold from her dressing table and swung her Marciano Stachel into the crook of her arm, ready for last day. She closed her room door and grinned, anticipating the Alexander Wang show and a possible-real life encounter with Carine Roitfeld. After all Natalie, was here to leave her mark… xxo

P.S. It's a story, so that explains all the adjectives and what not.. Enjoy


  1. Normally when I come across stories, like this I can't really say that I get interested instantly, but this was just amazing. Really well written. A shame you didn't win, but I'm sure there will be others. :)

  2. Thank you so much for checking the blog and thanks for reading it lol I know it's a long piece