Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where The Money Goes...

It's not good to treat yourself with others money.

I'm not sure why but that phrase popped into my head and has been stuck there for a few days, so I thought I'd blog about it: (welcome to one of my rants)

I understand that life's circumstances aren't always perfect, so you may have to borrow money from your friends or the bank. But that money should only be spent on necessities or when it's necessary. For example, don't borrow £50 from your friend to buy a £30 top from River Island. If you go to Uni or whatever use it to buy a textbook that you need or pay for something to enrich your occupation.

The thing is when you are young, you aren't really taught to be responsible with money, so when the time comes that you have a lot of money, you spend it. But you have to be responsible first so that you have the option and not the impulse to spend.

Some tips:
When buying clothes or shoes just take a second and think: Would I actually pay this much for this? Does it actually look worth that price? Saves a-lotta monies - this just means is it good value.

I used to think a lot of people were rich. Then I realised a lot of people have credit cards. - That's what I used to think but interest rates and re-payments aren't fun especially when you can't pay it back.

You are responsible for the cash flow as well as the debt, so take care of yourself... You've been warned!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wrist Candy: The silver/sport watch

Every woman should have these 5 types of watches (in no particular order). Work, weekend, whatever. Each allows for individuality whilst giving an air of feminity, originality and yet remaining classic.

My favourite and only watch in my collection as of now. I love it. It's not too big, not too many "diamonds" and the mother of pearl dial adds extra feminitity. A great watch to build a collection on as it's great for casual, creative or corporate.


More to come!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness (David Letterman LIVE)

I love Young Scotty aka Kid Cudi. This performance is great and I do believe the core of his talent lies in his melodies. Performed a while ago but none the less:

Cop that Disc: Man on the Moon: The End of The Day, in stores now.


Random and a little ran-dum:

But still makes me laugh a little...

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Chipmunk - Oopsy Daisy

I like the song (Out Now), especially how he say oops in the first verse. Take a looksie:

What I don't like, is what he wore for the MOBO's. Chipmunk, why are you wearing a turtleneck? The dancing on stage, I can let go, but why look like 48 year old at his niece's party on stage?

Still like the single art:
Talented rapper, all the same...


Sunday, October 04, 2009

Hunting: Comfortable Flat shoes

I am on a hunt. For some comfortable flat shoes. Keyword: COMFORTABLE.

I'm not ready (nor is my bank account) for designer yet but I hear Lanvin, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo & Chanel are among the best.(Apparently, Marc Jacobs is not the one AT ALL)

A little lower and more relatable in price range are Topshop & French Sole.

So until my account is a little more in the green, I'll settle for these Accessorize flats:

I am a sucker for leopard print when done right (aka not on lycra) especially leopard print shoes with a black bow. I wore my old New Look ones to death and they need a replacement PRONTO. At £28, I might have a winner with Accessorize! Double Bow Leopard Print Ballerina Pumps

Expect a leopard post soon!

Any comfortable flat shoes for recommendation?


PS: To my dear readers: College has been pretty hectic hence the lack of posts once again I apologize but keep checking in! As soon as I am back to speed, I'll be back to blogging!