Sunday, October 04, 2009

Hunting: Comfortable Flat shoes

I am on a hunt. For some comfortable flat shoes. Keyword: COMFORTABLE.

I'm not ready (nor is my bank account) for designer yet but I hear Lanvin, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo & Chanel are among the best.(Apparently, Marc Jacobs is not the one AT ALL)

A little lower and more relatable in price range are Topshop & French Sole.

So until my account is a little more in the green, I'll settle for these Accessorize flats:

I am a sucker for leopard print when done right (aka not on lycra) especially leopard print shoes with a black bow. I wore my old New Look ones to death and they need a replacement PRONTO. At £28, I might have a winner with Accessorize! Double Bow Leopard Print Ballerina Pumps

Expect a leopard post soon!

Any comfortable flat shoes for recommendation?


PS: To my dear readers: College has been pretty hectic hence the lack of posts once again I apologize but keep checking in! As soon as I am back to speed, I'll be back to blogging!

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