Thursday, December 03, 2009

Diddy x HSN

"The rapper talked to callers as he sold robes and hundreds of ladies perfume gift sets.

Cheesy or not though, Diddy's wares, including I Am King and his other fragrance Unforgivable, were said to have sold out in 16 minutes." [via Sky News]

Diddy should make a song called "Diddy gettin' that money".
And here's my version:

Diddy gettin' that money
(Diddy gettin' that money)
Diddy gettin' big money
(Diddy gettin' big money)
Bad Boy won't stop
(Bad Boy won't stop)
Sean John? Outta stock
(Sean John? Outta stock)

Home Shopping Network
Earned me 2 cars
Purchase with a debit card...

Feel free to write the rest in comments... We all know he can't (lol)


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